Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday's blog was #1000! The 17th was also the 10th anniversary of my retirement from Bellsouth and the 40th anniversary of my start date with them. Not getting fired in those 30 years of employment was good luck, plus we had a union, which allowed me to draw a pension and benefits, so I've long considered March 17th a lucky day.

I've had a hard morning. Temper tantrums like I just experienced from Mike take their toll. No matter how strong my resolve to let his hostility and angry cursing not effect me personally, sometimes it catches me with my guard down and wounds deeply. I've got that strong urge right now to "run away from home."

I'm glad I've got lunch with the Water Lilies to look forward to. Today we're going to The Auditorium, a restaurant that has recently opened in the old Duling School Building in the Fondren area of Jackson. It always lifts my spirits to hang out with these beautiful ladies.

Last night I attended the Evening Eucharist at St. Philip's and the discussion group afterwards. I just had to get out of the house and find a more serene, sane setting. The service and the group afterwards were a real blessing.

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