Thursday, March 19, 2009

What can I say about my Thursday? We have had a beautiful spring day. There have been no ugly scenes with Mike. Sandra and I went to the Y and did deep water aerobics. I had a session with my counselor this afternoon. He was pleased to see me smiling and laughing and to hear how I'm taking care of myself and that I've started the anti-depressant. I continue to have queasy, nervous butterflies in my tummy due mostly to anxiety, but it's not debilitating. My BP is running a little higher than normal, but I've got a pill to take for that every morning and I'm taking it. I am getting more sleep since I adjusted my bedtime to an earlier hour. There isn't much else I can do alleviate the stress, and take care of myself.

Mike's condition is improving. He was able to go down the stairs, then back up the stairs with his PT on Tues. His balance is still wobbly, his strength and stamina are no where near pre-accident levels. The therapist told him under no circumstances was he to attempt the stairs alone, and unless he has a doctor's appointment, he needs to stay in his room. That relieved some of my anxiety.

He's wearing full-length compression hosiery on both legs for the swelling. Today he was able to put on his shoes for the first time since coming home from the hospital 2 months ago, and he walked around the room without his cane. I told him he could begin emptying his own urinals now. He hasn't wanted to put his shoes on again since then, which is fine with me. The thought of his increased mobility makes the butterflies in my stomach start doing flip-flops. How long before he's looking for car keys and a drink?

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