Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I did it! My hair is short again, and I'm feeling kinda lightheaded. There wasn't nearly as much gray in the ponytail as in the front, wonder why? At least it won't be such a hassle now when I do deep water aerobics. I like the new do. Why does short hair make a face look younger? I don't know, but it does.

The sun has come out again, thank goodness! I was about to sink in the deep blue sea of depression, even took the first anti-depressant pill from the Rx prescribed last month by my doc. When he asked about it last week, I told him I thought the talk-therapy was getting me through this rough patch. By this morning, I had changed my mind.

The trick to getting sufficient sleep, I've discovered, is to go to bed around 9:00, rather than midnight, not my natural pattern at all, but then neither is waking up at 4 am. That's what I've been doing, though. LaRue, did you wish this on me?

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