Sunday, March 15, 2009

We sang one of my favorite anthems at the 10:30 service this morning - Haydn's "The Heaven's Are Telling" from "The Creation." It's a fun piece of music that makes me happy every time I hear it and even happier when I'm singing it. There are several renditions on YouTube, but none with a superb small choir and pipe organ like we have, but this is the arrangement, in case you need your memory jogged. Seems we took it a little faster than this choir does it. I need to start recording these things so I can post them on here.

I sang in the early service, too, along with the other choristers in Ensemble III, and I thought it sounded pretty darn good, too, especially considering the early hour with only 10 of us singing. (We did not do the Haydn piece.) I must say, though, that the 10:30 crowd looks a lot more enthusiastic about choir music than the early crowd does. Some even looked a little grumpy that we added about 5 minutes to their church time. Oh well, if I were singing for audience adulation, I would have quit a long time ago.

The Old Testament reading from Exodus 20:1-17 was mine today, as well, so I was busier this morning than usual. That passage always makes me feel very, very small, but it's important to hold up a yardstick every once in a while to remind ourselves that we will never measure up. How wonderful to realize that our salvation is a gift and not dependent on our keeping the law.

The heaven's are telling the glory of God!

For those of you who might be curious about what my brother is doing these days, looks like he had a pretty good week-end, too. Here's his blog.

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