Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Well, my secret is out, I guess. Anybody who tracks my Facebook activity knows I'm an internet addict and don't have much life beyond that. I'm a little concerned, to tell you the truth. Stuff is going undone around here that needs to be done, so I'm making a conscious effort to limit my time in my office on my computer and on Facebook, in particular. I was warned that it can be addictive, shoulda listened.

My friend Nancy invited me to go see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight at Thalia Mara Auditorium downtown, so I told her I would. She's been going through a similar round of hospitalization and rehab with her hubby since I've been on this crazy ride with Mike. It's just one of those things we, as women, knew was a possibility but hoped we would be spared.

This musical presents that dilemma that usually makes me squirm, where the sacred and profane meet, where "the veil is rent in twain," where the degradation of flesh produces the holiest of holy happenings in history. My mind has always had a problem accepting the dichotomy of that moment, but my spirit "gets it." Still, I'm not comfortable with it.

The performance we're seeing actually has Ted Neeley playing the role of Jesus. He was one of the first to play that role, and is 66 years old, which I find to be inspiring. I'll let you know if I enjoy it, or not.

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