Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm not a very nice person when I'm tired and my nerves are frayed. The bitch in me has no patience, no compassion, no tolerance for BS, and my poor husband is stuffed to the gills with BS. Everything he said and did today rubbed me the wrong way. If I'd had a bat, I'd been real tempted to whack him. Good thing I didn't have a bat, huh Benji?

Fortunately, Jimmy, my handyman, was here, so some of my irritability was defused by simply having a third party in the house who was not feeding into the toxic dynamic between Mike and me. Then his occupational therapist came, and she got Mike to commit to doing more for himself than he's been doing.

I'm still not sure who is going to help him next week-end when I go to the retreat at Gray Center, but with all the things he said he could do, it would not hurt him to be here by himself with NO HELP for that brief time. I would have to board the dogs, but that's not a problem. My neighbor Art said he would help with the breakfast and the dogs, and I'll probably let him, unless Ron changes his mind and decides to come over and spend the night, rather than going to the casino.

I just hope to sleep better tonight. For some reason, the Lunesta didn't give me but about 5 hours last night. Gotta have more than that, or I'm dangerous.

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