Thursday, March 12, 2009

My dream group is going to a retreat at Gray Center this week-end. It's my first night away from home since Mike's accident, and I'm soooo ready for a little escape. Everybody say a prayer that things go smoothly here with him. He will be helped by a couple of friends who have agreed to come by, walk the dogs, get his food, etc. I'm a little nervous about leaving him, but it's for only about 24 hours, so he should be fine.

He's still spending 99% of his time in the bed, just too weak to get up and do anything. He takes a shower every other day, and says it wears him out. He needs a shave and a haircut so bad, but refuses to let me do it, or pay someone else to do it. The doctor has ordered compression hose for his swollen feet and ankles. The Lasix did not get rid of much fluid, and they couldn't increase the dosage because it lowers blood pressure.

It's been an interesting couple of days since I last blogged. Yesterday the Water Lilies ate lunch at the Beth Israel Bazaar, delicious and kosher, then last night I ate with the choir after rehearsal, which is always a highlight of my week. Today I went out to my friend Lollie's house and sewed. I didn't finish the jacket I was working on, but got most of the patchwork done, so one more 3 hour session on her super-fancy sewing machine (what a dream!) should be enough.

I scheduled a haircut for next Tuesday. My hair is finally long enough for Pantene Beautiful Lengths to use. It took about 2 years to grow it this long, and I may do it again. There is more gray in it now than when I began this process, but according to what I've heard, they will accept hair with less than 5% gray, not sure mine is still less than 5%, but we'll see. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as much as I have.

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