Thursday, February 19, 2009

"You didn't blog yesterday," a friend told me at lunch yesterday. It surprised me that she kept up with it that closely. She was concerned that something else had happened to Mike. I appreciate her concern and the concern of other friends. Knowing that I have friends who care is a real comfort to me.

Mike's condition has improved a bit. Yesterday he was able to get out of the bed and walk around the room for the first time in 10 days. His feet and ankles are still swollen, he's very weak, and sitting upright in a chair for 30 minutes exhausted him, he said.

I wish I could say his attitude has improved, too, but it hasn't. The Golden Rule has never been so hard for me to follow. I hope and pray I'm never in this condition and needing as much help as he needs, but we just don't know what help we will need before our days here are done, now do we?

I tried my best to conjure up my "party girl" for the choir's rehearsal last night of Friday's Mardi Gras musical, but she never surfaced. It's a fun, frivolous thing and requires a certain amount of silliness to do it right. Maybe by tomorrow, I can pull up some of that from somewhere, Lord knows I've got plenty of silliness in me, but last night and today, it ain't happening.

I'm still having insomnia, despite the fact that I'm taking Lunesta every night. Last night I got four hours, then wide awake. I'm in counseling every week to deal with the emotional turmoil I'm experiencing. Please continue to pray for me.

And for Mike.

I did get some good news on Tuesday - my Madison renter is not moving until this summer, if at all. Thank goodness!

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