Monday, February 16, 2009

Something happened to Friday's post... I probably violated some copyright law using the pictures I used, so they blanked it out. I deleted the whole thing and everything looks normal again.

My week-end was much too full for blogging or Facebook or any other of my regular diversions. With the Dream Group, the Mardi Gras rehearsal, church, company, etc., I just didn't spend much time on the computer, at all. Tomorrow will be a busy day, too, with a funeral in the morning and another Mardi Gras rehearsal tomorrow night.

And I just found out that my renter in Madison is getting transferred 6 months before her lease expires. My new renter for the townhouse just moved in 10 days ago, so I was hoping for a longer reprieve from the renting business. That's life, as Old Blue Eyes said, or se la vie, as my fancy French-speaking friends say it.

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