Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We've had a relatively quiet, peaceful day here. I got a bunch of stuff done that I'd been putting off, so that always makes me feel better. Then tonight Mike had a couple of visitors who brought him his favorite pizza for supper, so that was a special treat for both of us. And I learned that changing sheets on an occupied bed is not nearly as easy as it looked when I watched the woman at the nursing home do it, especially when you've got a pesky dog wanting to play tug-of-war with the sheets.

The one thing I didn't get done was exercising at the Y, but I've been pretty active all day and probably burned more calories than usual. Tomorrow, for sure, I'm going. Dancing to the oldies is a sure cure for the blues anyday, so I'm going to the 9:30 class.
I scanned an old picture for Facebook today and posted it there, so for those who haven't seen it, here are a group of friends from high school days at a luncheon at Hunter's Restaurant in Tupelo. Can someone please remind me where Hunter's was located? I'm thinking North Gloster close to the Holiday Inn, but I would not bet on it. Yours Truly is seated, third from the left in mint green with pink flowers on my head and a white corsage. That was actually a suit I made in Home Ec. What year was it when hats went out of style?

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