Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our choir sang ""Have You not Heard" and "Ye Shall Have a Song" from Randall Thompson's "Peaceable Kingdom," this morning, and God's grace got us through it in fine fashion once again. It's an 8 part anthem that really stretched our little choir, but miraculously we did it. There's this honors college choir doing it on YouTube. Listen to them, then imagine 20 mostly older adults singing this, and you will get some idea of the challenge we had.

Not being able to access my account on Facebook this afternoon has put me in a funky mood. Why is that? I depend way too much on my computer for entertainment.

I did get one computer snafu ironed out though, so that made me feel a little better. In changing to AT&T's new homepage, they hijacked my MS Outlook email service, changing it to Yahoo Webmail, instead. Thankfully, I was able to reach a nice and knowledgeable tech support person in North Carolina who fixed it back just the way it was. He said they had had a lot of complaints about it.

I've got the Super Bowl on, mainly so I can see the halftime show. I've never been a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, but the older I get, the more I like him. There were a couple of parties I could have gone to, but it's raining and getting colder and I really was not in a party mood, so I'm quite content to be at home.

Okay, well I finally got back into Facebook, I saw the 12 minutes of "The Boss," and have watched the Steelers win the Super Bowl in the last 35 seconds of the game. Woohoo! I'm glad there were other more interesting things going on around me than this, but that's for another day.

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