Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I worked out this afternoon at the Reservoir Y, did 20 minutes on the bicycle, then several weight machines. Miraculously, my routine card from 3 years ago was still in the file drawer, complete with my notes and postings of 6 mos. of regular workouts. It was gratifying to look back and see where I was then and realize I could pick up where I left off. I've lost weight since then and done mostly water aerobics. It must have helped.

I hope the exercise helps the trouble I've had sleeping ever since Mike had his accident. I wake up with anxiety attacks and have trouble going back to sleep. Several people have told me that exercise gets rid of a lot of the toxic stress hormones that build up, and that these hormones interfere with restful sleep. Deep tissue massage also helps, and I'm planning to get another of those soon.

Mike's condition has improved a little. The antibiotic must have knocked out whatever infection there was. His spirits and disposition have improved slightly, but he's still very weak and not interested in doing the exercises that the physical therapist and occupational therapist advised him to do. His appetite seems to be a little better, too. He's really not hard to care for since he's in the bed and satisfied to be there. One day at a time!

Did you see Obama admitting, "I screwed up," in regard to the two cabinet picks who had tax problems? I'm glad we've finally got someone who is man enough to say, "Yes, I made a mistake." It's quite refreshing.

I hate that Tom Daschle will not be involved in health care reform, he would have been a good person to head that effort, but I also hate that prominent people are so careless in paying their taxes. Over 90% of Americans say they have no tolerance for people who don't pay the taxes they owe. That such a high percentage of people believe in paying their taxes no matter who is in the White House or which party is in control speaks well for us, don't you think? I must admit that I begrudgingly paid mine during the previous administration. Very begrudgingly.

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