Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another busy Wednesday! I went to the aerobics class at the Y this morning, same one I frequently attended back in '05 and '06. M,W,F at 9:30, just like it's been forever, and they're still dancing to the oldies on a cassette tape. Great fun, good workout, so glad I went. Then lunch with the Water Lilies in Madison.

This afternoon the nurse came and the occupational therapist. The nurse tested Mike's O2 level and it was 99, so he's getting plenty of oxygen now. She also wants the doctor to prescribe some fluid pills to see if it would get rid of the swelling in his feet and ankles. The OT wanted him to sit in a straight back chair for 10 minutes, but he only did it for 7 minutes before he began feeling faint. He's still very weak. She wants him to do it 4 times a day to build up his strength. It's up to me to make sure he does it, of course, and so far, he hasn't been very cooperative.

Tonight was choir rehearsal and dinner afterwards. And that's the best note to end the day on - good food, good company, good night!

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