Monday, October 13, 2008

There is a new email circulating that attempts to explain how the Democrats came to own the current financial crisis. I cannot believe that intelligent people would fall for that. The best response to it that I've seen is here.
My Republican neighbor showed me a KKK business card today that belonged to his dad. I knew his dad was a John Bircher, but did not know he was in the KKK. He told me I might be getting something like that if Obama won. His attempt at humor fell flat with me. I immediately made a "Hippies for Obama" sign and posted it by the door in our garage, hoping it would ward off the bad vibes I've been getting from the Southern Strategy remnants that are becoming increasingly desperate. With all of the McCain/Palin race-baiting that has been going on, I'm once again concerned for Obama's safety. I know he's got a really strong contingent of secret service agents surrounding him, but I also know how crazy certain rednecks can be.
Obama's numbers continue to increase, and McCain is losing support from long-time Republican allies daily. I think he would do himself and his country a huge public service to concede the race now. Not only is he going to get beat, he's going to destroy what little was left of his reputation. "We've got 'em right where we want 'em" he claimed today from that alternate universe that he and his running mate inhabit. I'm wondering if they both don't need to be in drug rehab.

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