Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When McCain's candidacy crashes and burns in the ignomy of personal shame and humiliation, we will owe a debt of gratitude to this TV commentator. I admire him more with every passing day. Thank goodness someone has the nerve to say what has to be said.

From Tuesday night Countdown, Keith Olbermann:

"It's not negativity, it's truthfulness," said the Demagogue from Alaska as she drew visions of terrorists and foreigners and hobgoblins across the blank minds of her supporters...

"I've heard the same things said about me at Senator Obama's speeches," said Senator Holier-Than-Thou - ever the real victim, never at fault.

And so, as Senator Obama's lead spirals upwards (14 points over McCain in tonight's CBS News/New York Times poll) we spiral downwards towards the point where anybody can say anything at a McCain or Palin rally - someone else shouted "kill him" today - knowing neither candidate will ever draw a line... will never say enough!... Because - they do not want to.

That another voice of hate should have emanated from a Palin or McCain event, with not a hint of reproach from either candidate, is appalling enough.

That Senator McCain should have gone on another martyrdom kick - insisting he is the true victim here - is beneath the minimum dignity a political figure must retain to maintain viability as a public leader.

Congressman Lewis, Senator McCain says, "accused me and Sarah Palin of being involved in segregation, George Wallace and even made reference to a church bombing where children were killed. Senator Obama has not repudiated that statement. Senator Obama should do so immediately. Its the most outrageous thing that I have heard since in politics. It is disgraceful."


Obviously, Senator, you haven't heard your own speeches, and Governor Palin's, and what people shout during them.

And you haven't heard your state GOP Chair in Virginia, Jeffrey Frederick, giving talking points to 30 of your field-operatives heading out to canvass voters in Gainesville, Virginia...

With a reporter present, telling them to try to forge a connection between Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden - to emphasize bombings and terrorism.

And you haven't heard those volunteers, your volunteers Senator McCain, shout back "and he won't salute the flag" and "we don't even know where Senator Obama was really born."

Senator McCain -- these people are speaking for you!

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