Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lunch today was at Atlantica in Madison. Billed as an elegant, fine dining steakhouse, my expectations were high, but I was not overly impressed. Maybe I'm not elegant enough. I felt sorry for our servers, we can be a rowdy, demanding bunch of ladies sometimes, but I'm sure they've had worse.

We had a new lady in our group who just moved to Jackson from Greenville. We had several acquaintances in common, proving, once again, that "it's a small world after all." And she turned out to be a liberal Democrat! They picked Greenville many years ago due to Hodding Carter, Jr. being the editor of the newspaper there. "If he can write the things he writes and not get run out of town, then that's where we need to live," she and her husband determined.

Even though she's Jewish, she had heard from Episcopal friends that the best proselytes in the Episcopal church are former Southern Baptists. There are a lot of us, I'll have to admit. Seems like at least half of us in St. Philip's choir started out as Baptists.

She was a lot of fun to talk to, but I always get a lift from meeting another Democrat. I really need to put some more thought and effort into starting that Left-leaning Ladies reading group that a few of us discussed earlier this year. Okay, Gals, you know who you are. If you want to do this, let's do it. Let me know.

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