Thursday, August 21, 2008

One more time, for those of you who still aren't sure, PROPER INFLATION OF TIRES DOES IMPROVE YOUR CAR'S GAS MILEAGE, THEREBY REDUCING YOUR COST OF GAS. Why is this fact still being ridiculed by certain people? Oh, I forgot. Sean and Newt are rich Republicans who don't really care what gas is costing them or the rest of us. Why does anybody watch that station?

At least, their stock is going down, down, down. From the LA Times: "Media company News Corp., whose stock fell 29% in fiscal 2008, reported compensation of $27.5 million for Chairman Rupert Murdoch during the period." Fox pundits are quick to point out that liberal media lose viewers/readers because people tire of the "liberal bias," so does this same logic apply to their own? That formerfoxfans may have grown tired of all the right wing propaganda is truly good news to me.

Two hours later: This business about tire pressure prompted me to check my tires. All four were on 25 psi. Very strange... I just checked them before I went to Florida and they were all on 32 psi. I know that tires on a car that isn't driven for a while will lose pressure, but that was just two weeks ago. Surely they didn't have help going low, I mean it does have that Obama bumper sticker ... Nah, that sounds a little paranoid, but still, I couldn't help but wonder.

Charges of infanticide will be flying between now and Election Day. We Democrats may as well get ready for it and grow a thick skin. That woman who has made a career of defaming Pro-Choice candidates was back on Faux News last night peddling her lies about Obama to the gullible. She's been debunked on every claim she's made, but somehow they choose to use her anyway. I guess that's why Alan Colmes was not a part of that segment.

And for those of you who still aren't sure why Obama voted against the "Born-Alive Abortion Bill," there was already a law in place to protect babies who were born alive in late-term abortions. He knew the bill was unnecessary to accomplish its much-publicized purpose. And he was also aware of its less publicized purpose - to undermine Roe v. Wade by making abortion physicians more liable to lawsuit.

There's an article here that explains the whole narrative surrounding this controversy. It's not an easy read. Not many people will take the time to read the whole thing including the different bills that were proposed and/or voted on in the Illinois legislature. If you weren't confused before you started, you will be by the time you get through it. That's why people like the pro-life nurse are able to get an audience. She knows very few people will dig out the details that disprove what she says. Most voters have already made up their minds about this issue and are not going to change their vote because of it, but this inflammatory language can be dangerous, destroying reputations and sometimes lives. Reflect back to what happened in Knoxville last month.

Rick Warren's closing remarks on Saturday night included these: ...we have to learn how to have civility in our civilization, how to stop being rude, how to stop demonizing each other... Accusing Obama of infanticide would definitely fall under the definition of demonizing, don't you think? Whatever happened to McCain's promise to run a positive campaign?

APR's Krista Tippet interviews Rick and Kay Warren on this week's "Speaking of Faith."

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