Monday, July 21, 2008

More unpleasantries discovered at the Madison place today. The gas company turned the gas back on for the renters in my name. I had ordered temporary service in January while we cleaned and showed it to prospective renters. Then I asked for a disconnect and final bill.

A woman identifying herself as Mrs. Garrett called and asked for it to be reconnected. As long as they had the account number, the gas company thought it was legitimate. That bill should never have gone to the Madison address. I asked for it to be sent to my Brandon address. So they are as much at fault as the crooks who were living there, seems to me. In the five months they were there, they ran up a $915 bill! There is either a serious leak in the line or these folks had a meth lab cooking all night and all day.

I went to the police department to file fraud charges, but they said it's a civil matter. I cannot believe the gas company would do this. Why did they leave it on so long with no payment being made? She must have been giving them all the same hard luck stories she was giving me about having cancer and having asthma and having a pregnant daughter, etc. etc.

Tonight I have a major headache. Anybody out there been through something like this? I don't know what to do next. I'm too mad to think straight. Any suggestions?


Zoilus said...

Have you considered tai chi? Swinging a sledgehammer at old fences also works for me.

C J Garrett said...

If I got hold of a sledgehammer, I'm afraid I wouldn't use it on the fence.

C J Garrett said...

from Skip:

I would negotiate with the gas company for a far lesser amount. You did not authorize that hook up, but they will argue that. I think where you have them is somewhere in their operational policy is a statement about cutting off services after one month. I would agree to pay one month and let them assume responsibility for the rest.