Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting back in the pool this morning really helped my feelings. I hadn't been in 6 days. I really don't need to go that long without exercising. The stress being what it's been, I should have been out there every day. This morning's session netted some good information from our friendly neighborhood attorney, who advised me on who to call about this ridiculous gas bill I've got. He agreed with me that it is criminal fraud and not a civil matter. He's a former prosecutor, so he should know.

The Water Lilies ate at Majestic Burgers today, where they had some fairly fancy burger fare on the menu. I had a salad with grilled chicken instead, just was not in the mood for a hamburger. We had 10 ladies show up including the one who was missing last week. As a result of that scare, I'm compiling a list of names, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. but we're adding emergency contact numbers to the list. It might come in handy some day, and save our amateur detectives from getting arrested. I wish I could have seen that brave pair snooping around Emily's house trying to find a way to get inside. Lucy and Ethel would have been proud.

Benji had this cute picture of his biking buddy on his Flickr site, and I had to grab it to show everybody. Is he not the cutest! Benji also had a clip from his debut movie on there, too. I didn't realize he could look like such a total geek. Congratulations, Son! and kiss that precious Pip for me.

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Zoilus said...

Yup, Karen, Eliza and I agreed that I was the best actor in the movie (I only paid them five dollars to say that). ;-) I was sad to see most of my lines (and appearances) were left on the editing room floor, but at least my "stick it to the man!" rant got left in.