Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seems I mentioned a couple of months ago how very time consuming dream work can be. Blogs may be sparse for awhile 'til I get the hang of this. The dream I had this morning has kept me busy most of the day.

I am in a large gray concrete structure; it may be a prison, but there are no cells with locked barred doors. In fact, there seems to be nothing in this building but a maze of corridors. I am trying to find the “tyrant in charge” and he is in the “control room.” I walk in and find a man I do not recognize. He is standing over a panel of levers, switches and knobs, similar to a mixer console used in recording studios. I know he is capable of hurting me, but I am determined to tell him what I have to say. I know he has a taser and can stun me, but I am not afraid.

“If you think you can keep me here you are delusional, DEE-LOOZ-JHAN-UL!” I tell him emphatically, stressing each syllable of the word “delusional” when I repeat it. Then I turn and walk out, going through the same maze of corridors I went through to find him. I leave the cold gray building and walk out into the light of warm sunshine.

And once you start paying attention to these things, they come more frequently and are easier to recall. I just wish I understood all the symbols and their meanings. Practice helps, and I'm getting in plenty of practice these days.

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