Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's Water Lilies' lunch was at the Mediterranean Grill and Grocery. Everything I ate was new to me - kibbi, falafel, grape leaves, and eggplant dip. Interesting. I would not put it on the kumback list, but I'm glad I went, at least once. Maybe my cultural limitations were stretched a little.

I got home in time to hear the Memorial Service for Tim Russert which was very moving, and then the comments made after. They showed a picture of the double rainbow that appeared as they were leaving the service, and they said a ukulele was playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as they left. Wow! That was some send-off! (This photo is by Fredo Alvarez and was posted on his Flickr site among several other great shots.)

They also told about Obama and McCain sitting together at the funeral and how they chatted and laughed with one another like old friends. At the end of the service they embraced. Now that's an image I enjoyed pondering. Only in America!

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