Monday, June 09, 2008

This is the dream I remember from this morning's sleep:
I am riding with Pam in her car. She is taking me to get my car, the white Chevrolet Cavalier hatchback that I bought in 1983 and owned until 1995. The car is parked in a wooded area outside a small country church. At first, I tell her it will be safe to leave it there, but then we see a car pass by that is full of black teen-aged boys. One of them is eyeing my car intensely. “On second thought,” I tell her, “I don’t think I should leave it here.”
In the next scene I am in the Cavalier, two babies are sleeping on the front seat with me. They’re actually lying across the console and the front passenger seat. Pam is leaving, and I’m wishing I had asked her to stay until I’m safely out of the woods. As she pulls off, the car with the boys pulls in and blocks my exit. Then they get out of their car and start walking toward me.
I know I’m in trouble. I’m between a deep ravine and this gang of hoodlums. “I will plead for their mercy,” I think to myself, “surely when they see the sleeping babies, they will leave me alone.” I realize I can escape by shooting past them over some brush, but when I attempt to shift gears from reverse to first, my right foot will not move to the brake pedal, and the car begins to slide into the ravine. I feel frightened, and then I wake up.
My defense of Obama's Pro-Choice stance really riled up a Pro-Life friend of mine. I've been bombarded with vitriolic emails that left me battered and bleeding. What hurt the most was being accused of moral turpitude and a complete ignorance of what the Bible teaches. I suspect this hostility is the reason the Pro-Life Movement is waning in influence everywhere. . . even in the Bible Belt.

Maybe I should write something on how very little the Bible says about abortion, and why some Pro-Choice Christians believe the way they do based on Bible study, prayer, appreciation for recent developments in science and medicine, reasoning, and life experience. A subject that deep deserves more time than I have today, however, but I have begun to organize my thoughts on it.

Strangely enough, this same friend forwarded me just last week a copy of Don Closson's "The Problem with Evangelicals." I agreed with most of it. This paragraph, in particular, I liked:

. . .a Christian who values the virtue of tolerance . . . we are not arguing for a sacred public square, a society in which only one set of religious ideas or solutions are considered. But neither do we believe that a secular public square is in our nation’s best interests. Our hope is to have a civil public square, one in which true tolerance is practiced. When understood correctly, tolerance allows for a civil dialogue between competing and even contradictory positions on important topics in order that the best solution eventually finds favor.

In Conneticut last June, Barack Obama said, “Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart."

This 61 year old white, working-class Christian grandmother supports Barack Obama. I also support and applaud those on the left and right who are working to achieve the civil public square. We, as Americans, really do have more that unites us than divides us.


Zoilus said...

Don't forget to remind your avid Pro-Life readers that Pro-Life is also Anti-War, Anti-Oppression, and Anti-Poverty.

C J Garrett said...

If only it were so...from your finger tips to God's lips!