Sunday, June 08, 2008

We had another of those "only by the grace of God" anthems in church this morning. Twelve of our 24 members were singing, but somehow when we sang, it sounded like the full choir.

The other memorable event from church involved the gorgeous female boxer who showed up about an hour before church started. "She had me at hello." She had on a collar but no tag. Obviously well trained and well cared for, she made friends with everyone. David fixed her bowls of food and water. Our church is located on the 5-laned Old Canton Rd. and is dangerous for any dog who tries to cross it, so we all prayed that she found her way home safely.

The rest of the day has been relaxed and peaceful. I had lunch at Amerigo's with Pam and Jean, then came home, read the paper, and took a nap. Benji called to tell me they're stopping here on Thursday on their way to Gulf Shores. I went to the pool, but tonight's sunset was not as spectacular as Saturday's. Still, it was pretty.

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