Thursday, June 26, 2008

Multi-lateral diplomacy works?!? Is that what Bush said today? But I thought engagement with tyrants was the equivalent of appeasement and that Obama was branded as naive even to suggest it. That's what Bush said. That's what McCain said. So now North Korea is being removed from the Axis of Evil and sanctions are being lifted due to appeasement? Diplomacy? How can any sane person take these hypocrites seriously? Sheeeesh!

I've got to wake up in Hard-hearted Hannah mode tomorrow and evict a renter who is way behind in what she owes and is digging herself in deeper with every passing day. The deadline I gave her has passed and I still have no money . . . several phone calls, several excuses, several promises, but no money.

My finances are taking another hit with the flooded apartment. The woman whose washing machine malfunctioned does not have insurance and does not have any money. She quit her flower-arranging job at Michael's because they wanted her to work on Sunday, so consequently she can't afford "luxuries like insurance." We've got wet walls that must be dried on both sides or there will be mold and mildew, and we have to take out carpet padding, dry the carpet, then replace padding which could add up to $800 or more.

Anybody want to buy some rental property?

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