Friday, June 27, 2008

Most days are not as stressful as this day has been, thank goodness! I woke up at 2:00 worrying about the delinquent renters and evicting them and I could not go back to sleep. Around 5:00 I got up and by 8:00 I was on my way to Justice Court in Madison, determined to do this dastardly deed before I lost my nerve. I filed the eviction and got a court date - July 15th. The constable will serve them with another copy of the eviction that I gave them last week and a summons to court.

We drove by the house on the way home and observed them putting gas in their car with a milk jug, which told me they really are broke. Inflicting more pain on someone who is already in dire straits is so totally foreign to my nature that I immediately was seized with guilt and remorse. I do not have the fortitude for this. I've got to find another property manager.
Having had only 3 hours sleep last night, I've been running on fumes the rest of the day. I caught a short nap this afternoon, then fell asleep watching TV tonight. I'm taking care of Art's animals again while he's working as an instructor at a referee/basketball camp at Southern. We had a thunderstorm this afternoon and I was torn between comforting Jay-Jay and calming his Cocker Spaniel Sophie. She gets as anxious as Jay-Jay does and I worried about her pacing and trembling like she does, but I can't be in two places at one time. Besides, she's more accustomed to Art not being there than Jay-Jay is with my not being here.
Did you see the campaign event with Obama and Clinton today in Unity, New Hamp-shire? They looked good together, relaxed, cordial, even warmly affectionate toward one another. It’s the first time I’ve thought she might actually be a good running mate for him.

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