Saturday, May 10, 2008

While Pip is going through the old box of leftover toys, I'll take a few minutes to tell you about my day. I left here around 9:00 headed to Grenada to meet Benji and Pip. We met at McAllister's at 11:00, had lunch, and made the transfer of Pip from Da-Da to Gramma with surprisingly few tears. By the time we got on 55-South, he had quit crying. Benji had turned on a Thomas the Tank Engine movie for him to watch, so that helped.

On that movie soundtrack are some tones that sound just like my cell phone. I thought I was getting a call, so I began searching frantically for my purse while trying to keep my car in the right lane. When we got to the rest stop right outside Grenada, I pulled over to complete the search and concluded that the purse had been left behind in the restaurant. Luckily, a woman was there with her dog and gladly loaned me her cell phone. I called the restaurant, they found the purse right where I left it hanging on the chair where we'd eaten, I turned around and within 1o minutes had retrieved the purse and everything was still in it! Was my guardian angel working overtime today, or what? And may blessings pour down abundantly on the sweet lady who loaned me her phone!
Pip took about an hour-long nap on the way back to Jackson. I cruised at 65 mph all the way up there and back to conserve gas. Do y'all know how much of this expensive stuff we can save just by reducing our speed? I'm thinking of starting something like an "Operation Slowdown." Anybody else want to join? According to
If a car gets 28 mpg at 65 mph, driving it at 75 would drop that to 24 mpg. Fuel costs over 100 miles, for example - estimated at $3.25 a gallon - would increase by $1.93, or the cost of an additional 0.6 gallons of gas. That would be like paying 54 cents a gallon more for each of the 3.6 gallons used at 65 mph. That per-gallon price difference remains constant over any distance. In a typical family sedan, every 10 miles per hour you drive over 60 is like the price of gasoline going up about 54 cents a gallon.
Here are a few of the pictures I've made so far. He's definitely got the Borden train gene. I've never seen one who didn't love 'em. Enjoy!

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Zoilus said...

What a sweetie pie! We are not too worried about Pip, but very impatient with the slooooooow internet here in the DR. ¡Ai caramba! Thanks for taking those great pix of Pip, and I hope you get caught up on your sleep before Friday. ;-) Love you!