Thursday, May 08, 2008

Imagine my surprise yesterday when two of my lunch companions, (emboldened by my tee-shirt?) identified themselves as Democrats! They're in Hillary's camp right now, but one is open to voting for Obama, if he's the nominee, the other prefers McCain to Obama. So many here are just not ready for an African-American as president. Hillary's racist statements about the "white vote" resonates with them. It may not be the hateful, cross-burning kind of racism, but it's racism, nonetheless.

The year is young. It won't take much to put McCain away. The MSM has given him a pass, so far, due to the high drama between the two Dems, but by the time they get through exposing his voting record and his gaffes in the news, will the attack ads even be necessary?

"It's not going to matter in Mississippi," my Republican friends all tell me. "There may be a few red states that turn blue, but it won't be in the South," they say.

What a shame! I hope they're wrong, and they may be, did you see what Don Cazayoux did in Louisiana's 6th district this week? The first Democrat to represent that district since 1974! I hope it's a harbinger of turnovers to come all over "Dixie."

Even Newt Gingrich thinks Republicans are headed for defeat. He should add one more act to his "Nine Acts of Real Change That Could Restore the GOP Brand" - quit dispensing and drinking the propaganda kool-aid at Fox News. Did you see that idiot Fred Barnes explaining what the term "working class" means? And they have the nerve to call Barack Obama elitist?

I just saw where Tupelo got hit with a tornado this morning, but with no injuries or deaths being reported, seems most of the damage was around the Barnes Crossing Shopping Mall. What about you, LaRue, and yours? Everybody ok? Any damage in P'ville? Brice's Crossroads? Let me know.

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