Sunday, April 20, 2008

Church was easy this morning, easy hymns, easy anthems. I was hoarse and coughed a good bit, but I think it was allergies. I need to be singing every day, exercising my vocal chords, something else that doesn't improve with age. My dogs have strange reactions when I sing. They seem to think I'm in distress.

We had a cook-out and potluck lunch at the clubhouse this afternoon. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Most of the friendly neighbors who get along easily were there. I was glad the unfriendly ones stayed away. I ate too much and I got blistered, but I'm glad I went. I actually met a couple of people I've never met. I hope we do this on a regular basis.
I talked to Rick and his kids tonight. They just wound up a busy week-end of ballgames. Cooper is playing first base this season and says he likes it more than pitching. They went to a ballgame while they were on vacation in NYC last week and saw the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the New York Yankees, much to Clay's disappointment.

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