Friday, April 18, 2008

Benji cued me into a site that includes useful questions for unblocking writer's block. What a great resource! When I first started blogging, I did it to exercise my lazy brain. After watching my mother's mind dwindle from the effects of dementia, I was motivated to find out how to prevent this same fate being mine. Reading, playing Scrabble, working puzzles, writing - all of these, plus several other activities, supposedly keep the mind alert, so I do them, more often than I used to. And somedays they're a lot more difficult than other days, so I don't dare quit.
One of the hardest things about blogging, as I do it, is to settle on a subject or subjects. Once that's decided, the rest flows pretty easily. Invariably, I make a statement of which I am unsure and have to do a little online research; or I misspell a word, or I try to recall a synonym for a word which sends me to the dictionary/thesaurus. Being as easily distracted as I am, these jumps to more info often send me scurrying down a rabbit hole looking for the golden key. That's how 3 paragraphs sometimes take 3 hours, or more.
Today's rabbit hole adventure ran a circuitous route. I've chased the Pope and his remarks regarding moral relativism, hoping to find somewhere that he explained it to Dubya in a way that he could understand. Never did find that. I've surfed The Boss's website and found the letter he wrote to friends and fans endorsing Obama. I learned that his keyboardist of 40 years Danny Federici died after a 3 year fight with melanoma. Then I rested at Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz site and enjoyed the piano music of Chuck Leavell, best known for his 20 year stint with the Rolling Stones. Then I sent the link to Keith Olbermann's Countdown site to a friend, and watched a couple of clips I somehow missed this week, not sure how that happened, since I usually watch it from beginning to end every night. Musta been one of those nights when I wasn't here.
And there you have the answer to today's what was that question again?

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Zoilus said...

Now all you need is a news reader, and start collecting those little RSS feeds you see on the web pages you like. I always seem to find things I want to respond to on those.

Have you tried the fastest browser in the world, with built-in reader? Apple's Safari, I mean? Just google it and it should come up.