Monday, March 24, 2008

Wasn't that a gorgeous Easter week-end! And did you see the moon rising Saturday night? It had just started its ascent when I got out of church Saturday night, one of those that just stopped me in my tracks! Wow! After our Easter Vigil service, which starts in darkness with candlelight only and moves toward the coming of the light, the golden orb seemed to be adding one last refrain to the song we'd just sung, "Let your Alleluias rise!"

Our Easter anthem Et Resurrexit went much better than I expected. There were several "Lord, have mercy" petitions whispered before we started, and He did. Having the string quintet to accompany us helped also. Every voice part was doubled by an instrument, so all the parts were in there.

I talked with a newly discovered second cousin last night who had come to Mississippi from Georgia to visit our relatives in Newton County. She found me through the family tree website I posted years ago. I surprised myself by recalling details from our common ancestry that I didn't realize had been retained in my memory.

She told me that our great grandparents' house, which was completed in 1871, but had stood vacant for several decades, fell victim to Katrina's winds. I was glad to know it succumbed to Mother Nature, rather than a bulldozer. She and I had originally planned to have breakfast this morning, but another plumbing problem in the Madison rent house prevented my driving to Newton to meet her. Maybe next time.

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