Friday, March 21, 2008

Brother! I didn't mean to stir up a hornet's nest with my March 17th post, but I did. Most people I've heard from on that subject thought I must be some kind of card-carrying communist sympathizer, not a pinko, but a radically red revolutionary, to even give Rev. Wright the benefit of the doubt. I did find agreement, but no one who was willing to do it publicly except Zoilus. Thanks, Son.

I found another Southerner's view about the whole situation that was not that different from mine and was probably stated a little more eloquently. The Rev. Mike Huckabee was on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Weds. and was much more tolerant of the preacher - politician issue. You can watch it here (scroll down to the Mar. 19 video "Stop by Mike Huckabee's hot dog stand")or read an Atlanta Journal review of it here.

I also found that most white people I know have no idea about the depth of resentment that still exists in their African-American neighbors, especially those of the reverend's generation. And those who do, as a whole, don't care, especially here in Mississippi. But would they admit to feeling resentment? Not on your life!

One need look no further than the Jackson Public School system to understand how deep the divisions still are. Most of Jackson's white students are in private and parochial schools, while the black students contend with poverty, crime, and crumbling urban infrastructure. We're fifty years beyond the passing of desegregation laws and some elements of our population are as deeply entrenched as they ever were. We can't even get beyond flying the Confederate flag over the state capitol. The wheels of progress turn very slowly in some places.

I gave my thoughts about John Hagee back on Sept. 19, 2006, so I won't repeat it here, but I am concerned about John McCain seeking out the endorsement of someone so fanatical, especially about Catholics, gays and women. Why the Wright endorsement of Obama should draw more fire in the media than the Hagee/McCain collaboration is something I have yet to understand. And the Rev. Rod Parsley, another McCain supporter, is every bit as wild-eyed and extreme as Obama's pastor ever thought about being. Maybe the "fair and balanced" news network should reexamine its slogan.

What was that about the rich white guys running things?


George Kelly said...

Cathy, Pat Robinson and Jerry Falwell blamed American for the attacks, though both later back tracked. See this site:

mornin' said...

I laughed out loud when I read, "Brother! I didn't mean to stir up a hornet's nest with my March 17th post, but I did."

You know good and well you love to make outrageous or controversial comments, then sit back and watch the fireworks. Girl, you are too funny.

And watch out. Your double standard is showing. You can proclaim Rev. Wright a prophet with the likes of Jeremiah of the Old Testament, but you have a problem with John Hagee?

No, I'm not a Hagee fan, but if you're going to tar one, you have to tar them all.

Zoilus said...

I wouldn't really put Jeremiah Wright and Hagee in the same camp; one is a part of the power structure, and one is not. As much as you dislike either (or both) messages, you must recognize the difference is both in kind and degree.

Also, E.J. Dionne wrote a good column about this. He said Martin Luther King's rhetoric was much the same (before he was assassinated--when's the last time a white preacher got shot, btw?), and nobody batted an eyelash.

Donald Rumsfeld is ten times as crazy as Jeremiah Wright, and he still has an office in the Pentagon!