Thursday, March 27, 2008

I probably need to quit watching political news until after the nominee is selected in August. I was trying to watch Obama's speech on MSNBC this morning and they actually cut it off midway to start up with the "pastor problem" videos again. Grrrrrrrr! Are they competing with FOX to see who can show the most trash? Enough is enough! They should know that most in their audience are serious adults who want to be treated that way! Puh-leeeease! Enough with the preacher!

At least, it hasn't hurt Obama in the polls, but is pulling Hillary's numbers down, that and her recent "mis-statements" about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. She's not doing herself any favors by attacking Obama and she's certainly not doing the Democratic Party any good to side with McCain and oppose Obama. Strange bedfellows, indeed! I just saw an interview with the pilot who carried Hillary and Chelsea to Bosnia. He said there was not even a bumble bee flying that day, much less sniper fire. Is she on drugs?

I'm headed to the gym...more later.

3:00 pm. I worked really hard in the water this morning and came home with a ravenous appetite. Mike and I went to Ryan's for lunch. On the way home, I chatted with another Democratic neighbor whose guest had an Obama bumper sticker on her car. I haven't seen very many of those on Rankin County cars, but I bought extra, in case anybody else needs one, just let me know.

There was a good article on Steve Holland in today's Daily Journal.

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