Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay, maybe it's time for a reality check here. McCain is in the news defending himself against allegations for doing what??!!??

I hate to sound like the people who accused Obama of putting his youthful indiscretions regarding drug use out in the public to make himself more popular with the young voters, but I swear, this looks like something the McCain people might have floated to refute the "Tired Old Man" rap, to make him look more youthful than he is. Maybe he can do Bob Dole's Viagra gig after he gets beat.

Let's get real! For people who are seriously concerned about McCain's integrity, all they have to do is go back to McCain's campaign of 2000 to see how, since then, he has twisted himself pretzel-like to conform to Republican Party standards. This man is not the maverick with the straight-talk express that he used to be. McCain of 2000 called Falwell, Dobson, et al "agents of intolerance;" now he's sucking up to them. He voted against tax cuts for the rich, now he's for them. I admired him when he denounced the Swift Boat ads that smeared Kerry; now he's accepting donations from them. Talk about flip-flopping!

Well, enough about that. And I'll wait a little while to check my blood pressure.


My Wednesday's lunch bunch went to Parker House in Ridgeland where I enjoyed fried quail, cheese grits, fried green tomatoes, and butter beans. My first impression of the restaurant was a very good one. Then last night I enjoyed another fine meal with the choir. This is no way to lose weight, but it sure is fun. I'm taking off from the work-out this rainy morning to get caught up on "bidness" and to cook - something low-fat, low-cal, etc. If I've got to over-indulge a weakness, maybe it should be a less fattening one.


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