Friday, February 29, 2008

It's been a busy week. I went to the gym 4 days, I've eaten out several times, got rental property business handled, paid bills, fielded new genealogy inquiries, busy, busy, busy...

I've also spent several hours watching the Democratic debate and political commentary on TV, including Fox, and reading political columns and blogs, and I feel more confident than ever that Obama is headed for a landslide in November unless he makes a major mistake. Do you know how excited people outside our country are at the possibility of a President Obama? Europeans see him as the perfect antidote to Bush's heavy-handed bungling.

His Mississippi HQ opened for our March 11th primary, but I haven't officially volunteered for any campaign duty. I've already stepped on my share of toes and ticked off more people than I intended, so all I plan to do is put a bumper sticker on my car, maybe wear an Obama tee-shirt, and otherwise, try not to be obnoxiously political (or politically obnoxious). I came close to being invited to leave our Weds. night choir dinner. Since I was not the one who started the very loud discussion about politics, I escaped with a mild lecture on appropriate dinner conversation from a sympathetic alto.

OH MY GOSH! I just saw McCain's slip-of-the-tongue. At a town hall meeting in Richardson, Texas yesterday, he called himself a proud conservative LIBERAL??? That's rich.

This may be easier than I thought, heh, heh, heh....

Today's quote: I'm always amazed at the way the Republicans and media have changed the word "liberal" into something bad - liberal really means willing to accept new ideas, shifting paradigms, thinking of new ways to solve problems - conservative really means never, ever, coming out of your comfort zone - I would rather be a "tax and spend" liberal than a "charge it and spend" conservative!

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