Sunday, February 03, 2008

"A day for each decade," the alto said, "that's what I've come to believe it takes to recover from an occasion of overindulgence." (She's turning 50 this year.) So by her calculation I'll be recovered from Friday night by Wednesday, right? Just in time for Ash Wednesday when the choir has another musically demanding service.
You would never have known we were tired this morning, however. One of our most challenging anthems by Herbert Howells, "Te Deum," was carried off without a hitch, another one of our "only by the grace of God" moments. Only the King's College Choir of Cambridge could have done it better. That's only a very slight exaggeration, and they're much younger than we are. In our choir of 24 members, more than half of them are older than me.
I heard people talking about Super Bowl and Super Bowl parties and was struck again by how much I miss having a sports fan in the house. Mike didn't even know what teams were playing. He did tune into halftime to see Tom Petty, however. Did you see the ad for Barack Obama? If not, you can catch it here. Thanks, Benji! Are you celebrating the BIG 40, yet? Only two more days to be 30-something.
Here's another picture of the Janis Joplin wannabe sent to me by my good friend Jim Carrington, one of the best photographers I know. Too bad he didn't have a better looking subject.

With 11 minutes left, the Giants just got ahead of the Patriots. Go Eli! Bye Y'all!

Here's another picture from Jim that came on Monday. Jean was saying something like, Tell your friend I don't like my picture made. Thanks, Jim!

And another...

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