Saturday, February 02, 2008

Last night I felt 20-something and partied like it. Today I feel 90-something. Even my hair hurts. Janis was seen, but not heard. She started dancing at 5:30 and didn't stop until 10:30. No wonder I'm one big aching pain today.
Our second annual Mardi Gras Party was a great success. The choir's music turned out much better than any of our rehearsals, but that's usually the way it is with this group. I've come to believe it's a test of our director's faith, he's such a perfectionist and hardly anything is ever polished to his satisfaction, then it comes time to perform and our magnificent excellence comes shining through. (Notice I didn't say perfection.)
There was a little confusion about how to dress for the dinner and dancing portion of the party. Some in the crowd wore evening gowns and tuxes. Others were costumed, others in everyday casual dress... one of those anything goes nights. The jazz band we had was wonderful, gave a real New Orleans flavor to the amosphere and the Altar Guild had the Parish Hall decorated to perfection. (Yes, I said perfection.)

This picture is a real rarity. Jean, in the foreground, hates having her picture made, but for this one she acquiesced. Thank you, Pretty Lady, I will treasure it always. She and Pam enjoyed it all. I'm so glad they came.


Before I forget...CONGRATULATIONS TO LAURIE AND DEWAYNE on the birth of their fifth baby - Pearce McGuire Phillips, born yesterday. Check out the proud Granny's blog.

Happy Groundhog Day, Y'all!

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mornin' said...

You really captured the essence of Janis. No surprise there. Jean & Pam look like wonderful ladies. I'm so glad you have such good friends.