Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks to my friend Jean, I've come up with a costume for Friday's party. I'll dress as Janis Joplin! I've got just about everything I need, including the stringy hair, except for the glasses. She's forever 27 in most folks' minds, so I'll be the aging Janis, imagine that, the one who didn't die young. Unless I can find some bell bottoms between now and then, I'm going with the denim mini-skirt with black tights underneath, or a I may use a long skirt. Granny skirts, boots, and glasses were all popular back then, and I've seen pictures of her in all of them. I've got a shiny silk blouse, but I'd rather have a shiny silk peasant blouse. Maybe I can find one at a consignment shop. A crochet vest would be good, too. She usually wore lots of jewelry, beads, bangle bracelets, etc.

With Pam still in San Antonio, I picked Jean up and took her to lunch today. Annual Council was held in Natchez this week-end, so there was only morning prayer at church, which we skipped. After lunch, we went to Party City to look for masks. She bought one with peacock feathers, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Now that I've decided on my costume, rather than a mask, I may just wear the big tinted glasses. They had some of those, but they looked more like Elton John than Janis Joplin. I'll keep looking. It's gonna be a busy week.

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