Monday, January 28, 2008

The pool was cooler than it's supposed to be for our class this morning and the hot tub is still out of order. Of the four months we've had membership at Total Woman, the hot tub has been usable only half the time, maybe less. We're getting really fed up with all the excuses. I think we're about ready to check out some other places.

With the Y, Fitness Lady, Healthline at St. Dominic's, and Healthplex at Baptist Hospital, we have several other options if we can get out of the contract at Total Woman. I'm getting the impression they care a lot more about collecting our money than maintaining the facilities that led us to join in the first place. They seem to be concentrating more on the younger women and what they want than their senior segment. Are they trying to weed out the older members by attrition?

Mike got his car back. The locks have been changed on the Madison house and the power is on. Tomorrow the gas and water will be turned on and we can get the cleaning done. I cooked a couple of outstanding meals today, and it's not even cool and rainy! Pam loaned me a blouse for the Janis Joplin outfit and it couldn't be more perfect. It's Janis!

I'm seriously considering doing, "O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?" Just suddenly popping up from the audience, between numbers on the stage, and bursting forth with song. It's done A Cappello so nobody but me has to be involved, and I think it would go over good with the crowd. I probably better run it by David first. It would help to know which song ends on the note that I need to start with, then do it immediately following that number. The next scheduled act probably needs to be warned, too, don't want to steal anybody's thunder.

A funny old memory resurfaced while I was thinking about doing this. It happened when Ricky and Benji were children. I had carried them to Lake Tiak-o-Khata to swim. On the way down there, I was playing Janis on my (8 track?) tape player. The swimming area always closed from 12-1 for lunch, so we were on the back porch of the lodge when "Mercedes Benz" came on the jukebox. The three of us started loudly singing and literally stopped traffic! All the people who were going into the dining hall and those eating in the outside area stopped to listen to us and applauded when we finished. Do you guys remember that? There was one table of three old ladies who gave me hard looks, but everybody else enjoyed it.

Pam and Jean have decided to come to the party. They weren't sure, at first, they wanted to, but I knew Jean would have a ball, she loves to dance, so I made one last pitch for the event to Pam today and she told me tonight they're coming. I'm thrilled. I wish everybody I know could be there and have as much fun as I'll have.

Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!

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Zoilus said...

Nope, can't say that I remember that concert, but I wouldn't doubt it. I have always loved singing in the car best of all, and when I "rediscovered" the music of the 60's and 70's, I knew all of Janis Joplin by heart. Now I know why. ;-)