Saturday, January 26, 2008

I did my very favorite kind of aerobic exercise today - dancing! For almost an hour and a half, it was steady and strenuous, enough to get the heart rate up. I think we finally got choreography for "Celebration," the opening number of the Mardi Gras program, hammered out and polished somewhat. We have rehearsal again on Weds. and Thurs. nights. These things are so much fun!

Driving Art's Rav4 was fun, too! Shifting a 5-speed made me feel 20-something again, and it felt so natural, too. I'll probably get back in my Buick and start reaching for that clutch with my left foot. I always loved a straight shift car! Not sure why, but I did. I like being physically involved in making the car go.
I borrowed Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis from my neighbor and have marked it up terribly already, but he said I could. He also mentioned to me that the book has 30 chapters and he has used it several times as a devotional book reading one chapter a day for a month.
I've been an admirer of C.S. Lewis ever since David Hall loaned me Mere Christianity. The Screwtape Letters is one I first read when Paul Ballard loaned me his book. I've planned for years to re-read it, so when I saw it in Art's living room, I asked to borrow it. Mike's Sunday School class read The Great Divorce last year, taking one chapter a week until it was completed, and I read the chapter to him each week because I wanted to read the book and he enjoys hearing me read.
By the way, did you know that a recording of C.S. Lewis himself can be heard reading the original broadcast of Beyond personality: The New Men, part of the third series of talks which were later published as Mere Christianity. It's the only surviving footage of the broadcasts.
I like to joke that it was three of my Baptist buddies who introduced me to Anglicanism - David Hall, former pastor at PBC, with Mere Christianity , Paul Ballard was choir director at PBC when he loaned me Screwtape Letters, and my friend LaRue with a book she gave me one year for my birthday, O Ye Jigs and Juleps by Virginia Cary Hudson. Remember that, Friend? Maybe y'all knew even then I'd be happier as something other than Baptist?

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mornin' said...

Three more different influences would be hard to find. …smiles… I only remember the book b/c of the cover. I wonder if it’s in digital format. I’d like to read it to see what influenced you. And weird, but "Mere Christianity" and "The Screwtape Letters" definitely didn’t lead me in the Anglican direction. Oh well, God knew where both of us needed to be and don't you know He's smiling at us today?!!? Love ya.