Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The couple that Mike invited over last night didn't stay but about an hour, then went to a family dinner. He actually did some vacuuming before they got here. I drank a glass of wine while they were here and it seemed to make my head feel less fuzzy and detached.

Ricky's family (including the three Shelties) got here a little after 8 o'clock. We sat up and saw the new year in, then promptly went to bed like all sleepy people should do. Mike got drunk and made a total ass of himself, nothing new there. He kept wanting to watch Beverly Hillbillies, which no one else wanted to do, or listen to the stereo so loudly that conversation is impossible. Now you know why I'm getting him a set of wireless headphones for his birthday which is the 18th of this month. With them, he can stay in his private world of junky noise and not overpower the peace and quiet of the whole downstairs.

I took his 6th glass of wine while he wasn't looking and wouldn't let him have it back. He got hostile, cursed and threatened to hit me, but Ricky intervened and he got quiet. This was after he quoted a very obscene line from a movie with Mary Ann and the children in the room. He was so drunk he said he didn't realize the kids heard him.

I didn't sleep well. I've gotten used to sleeping alone in the guest room without dogs and without husband, so I had trouble relaxing and getting comfortable. The fireworks had made our dogs very nervous, so they slept as close to me as they could possibly get. I woke up three times drenched in sweat.

Today has been spent downstairs mostly, watching the Rose Parade and the Florida vs Michigan football game. Ricky took control of the TV first thing, for which I was grateful. Mike didn't protest, even though he has said he'd rather watch paint dry than watch a football game. I thought it served him right for acting so boorish the night before.

I cooked a late big breakfast and a late lunch, and just let people eat when they got hungry, rather than planning sit-down meals when everybody has to eat at the same time. That rarely works at my house due to the disparity in schedules. By the time Mike is ready for lunch, some of the late sleepers are just eating breakfast.

Gus and Jay-Jay missed their morning and afternoon naps, so they were quite ready to turn in early tonight. I may do the same. Ricky took the boys to Best Buy after the ballgame. They all had gift cards to spend. He and I figured out how to make the digital picture frame work that Mike gave me for my birthday. The resolution is terrible, so I'm thinking seriously of taking it back and exchanging it for something else. I'd like to have a flat-screen monitor for my computer, I'm still using the old bulky style. It wouldn't be an even swap, but with a little additional cash I could get a 19-inch. I'd much rather have that anyway.

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