Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm feeling terrible this morning. The throat is sorer, the voice is raspy, my head and ears hurt, I really wish I could go back to bed and spend the day. Alas, procrastination has put me at the brink of Christmas with several things left to be done. The Zicam is helping, I guess, but it's no cure for the common cold. And it suddenly occurred to me a few minutes ago that I never got the flu shot I was supposed to go back to the doctor for.

"You can't get sick," Mike demanded. "Who will take care of all the company you're expecting?"

"They are adults and they may be taking care of me," I answered.

Actually, 85% of my Christmas preparations have been completed. The tasks I'm dreading most, at the moment, are shampooing the carpet, washing clothes, and singing on Sunday and Christmas Eve. Those last two may get deleted from the To-Do List. I probably should warn David in case he wants to recruit a sub for the 2nd soprano part I sing.

Ok, quit your whining, Old Granny, put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

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C J Garrett said...

from mab:

Give Mike a pair of panties while you're at it! He's the one who needs to learn the meaning of "deal w/ it!"