Saturday, December 22, 2007

I was beginning to wonder if Old Man Winter was going to show up today, but the rain started late this afternoon, and the temperature began to drop. It's supposed to get down in the 30's tonight. If my throat is still sore in the morning, I'll probably stay at home, fire up those gas logs, and make some more of the Wassail we've been enjoying.
I didn't get everything done today that needs doing, but I did make a run to Kroger after I cleaned out the refrigerator. I'm planning an easy menu for Christmas, so it won't take long to fix dinner. I bought a turkey tenderloin, which I will bake; sweet potatoes, succotash, salad, and rolls. For dessert we'll have a Razzledazzle pie. I don't make Christmas cookies and candies like my mother did, because I would eat more of them than anybody else.

I did grab a box of Little Debbie's Christmas tree cakes while at Kroger. It's the redneck in me, I guess, or did we decide it's "poor white trash" food, Benji? I can't remember. Anyway, I like 'em!
For those of you who enjoy good choir music, here's the link to the St. Olaf Christmas Festival. I hope you're as blessed by listening to it as I've been.

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