Sunday, November 04, 2007

Remember when I said I missed being in a house with football fans? Well, this week-end, I've made up for lost time. I've seen Georgia beat Florida, much to Cooper's chagrin, and LSU beat Alabama, Arkansas won their game against South Carolina, Navy beat Notre Dame after 43 years of losing this match-up and three overtimes to break the tie, New England beat the Colts, much to my family's dismay (we like Tony Dungy), and right now Dallas is beating Philadelphia 35 -10. .

We spent the afternoon at the baseball field watching Cooper's team, the Tampa Bulldogs, get whupped by the Mustangs in two disappointing games. Cooper has the best batting average and the lowest ERA as a pitcher, so needless to say, he was very unhappy about today's two games.
It's like "old home week" being at Ricky's house, we're still so familiar with each other, it takes no time at all to get comfortable. We have managed to once again replicate one another's taste. The picture in their living room is one I admired online, printed out, and copied in watercolor about 5 years ago.
Ricky had no knowledge of this when he chose it for Mary Ann's birthday gift in 2006. Village Hideaway by Howard Behrens.
The other replication took place about 10 years ago when I selected my favorite electric train in a catalog and told Ricky he should get it for Clay. Seven hundred and fifty miles away, my first-born had already selected the very same train and had already ordered it. Great minds think alike, especially within the same family.

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