Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday morning at the Tampa Bordens' house, excitement abounds with two adolescent boys and three Shelties. I had a good trip down and was met in the much-larger-than-Jackson airport by Cooper, who was exactly where his dad said he would be, much to my pleasant surprise. Cooper also gave up his bed for his Gramma, who slept really well even though she is very concerned about the sick puppy she left at home.

Gus started vomiting blood after I left yesterday, so Mike took him to the vet who kept him overnight. The x-rays and blood tests haven't shown anything out of the ordinary and his vital signs are good. They're doing a barium enema this morning for another test trying to determine the cause of bleeding. I suspect he went trick-or-treating Weds and talked somebody out of a piece of fried chicken which still had its bone. They gave him a muscle relaxer last night so he rested well. Let's pray he recovers soon.

Thursday night's Evensong went well, the music was "heavenly," according to those who heard it. Our audience of visible saints outnumbered the choir by two, but we had a full house of the invisible ones. I went with Pam and Jean to Kathryn's Steak House afterwards for dinner, and we got our check right before we left this time, after calling attention to the discrepancy. Taking for granted the correctness of a restaurant's arithmetic is not something I will do again, thanks to this particular place. Hard to believe a top-notch restaurant like Kathryn's can't figure the bill right.

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