Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've been more useless today than usual, totally overcome by malaise, no gym, no housework, spent the day reading news and blogs on the internet, playing Scrabble, and listening to music. Maybe I should become a professional malingerer. I did take the dogs for a couple of walks, and cooked myself a good lunch, then I napped for a couple of hours. Maybe I should have taken 2 Zoloft tablets instead of 1 today.
I get like this when the weather turns cold and rainy, Seasonal Affective Disorder, they call it, or SAD. Actually, the overcast sky only lasted until around noon, the afternoon was sunny and a warm 60*, but by then, I was hopelessly lethargic. Maybe I should ask Santa for a therapy light.
Tomorrow will be better. Pam, Jean, and I are going to the gym, then I have choir and dinner tomorrow night. It really helps to have exercise partners. Pam and I went to our class on Monday, but there was no instructor. The six of us who showed up took turns calling out different exercises, so we managed to have a good work-out anyway. She went to pick up Jean today. I've really missed her since she left to visit her son's family.

It also helps to have something fun, like our choir dinners, to look forward to. Due to Thanksgiving last week, we didn't have rehearsal or dinner, and I really missed that, too.

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