Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rather than SAD, I must have been getting a stomach bug. Diarrhea set in this morning, also a headache. "This, too, shall pass," I hope. I had trouble getting to sleep last night due to a bad case of heebie-jeebies. Whether these are all symptoms of the same bug or just hypochondria, I don't know. I do know that I'm beginning to sound like Silas. Bless his heart, he did love to complain about every little ailment.

The mental fog that enveloped me yesterday seems to have cleared (now that I know it was not all in my head?). I am taking another day away from the gym, and Pam has a funeral to attend tomorrow, so she won't be going then. Maybe Jean will, but she came home with a cold. Not a good week for this threesome to work out.

Pam went to the gym today prepared to give them a piece of her mind if the pool temp is as cool today as it was Monday. It's supposed to be 76*, but it was only 72*, which doesn't sound like much unless you're wet, and COLD! Their hot tub has also been out of order for the past week, which annoys me greatly. It's the way I reward myself for exercising.

Several others need our prayers today. Mike's alcohol consumption is increasing at an alarming rate. Jerry is at a critical point in his recovery. Art has been diagnosed with Hepatitis-C and will begin interferon treatments soon. LaRue's vision continues to worsen due to RP (Retinitis pigmentosa). Jean is treating her bad cold with Thera-Flu and her electric blanket turned up to 7. I certainly hope she doesn't have the flu.

Kudo's to Sarah (and co-author Ed Weissman), whose second book Episcopal Haiku has just been published. For those of you who, like I, aren't sure what a librettist is, it's an author of words to be set to music in an opera or operetta. Congratulations, Sarah, and good luck with the sales! Looks like this would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

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mornin' said...

Cathy, for this blog-challenged girl, would you give me a short lesson in adding clipart to my posts? Are you becoming my resident go-to question answerer?

As always, thanks.