Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm baaaack! Did you miss me? Inspired to read more than write, I enjoyed the break. I hope you did, too. The end result? I have a whole stack of magazines I can now discard without wondering what I was missing by not reading them. I don't feel a lot smarter, just tired of reading.
Several shake-ups going in our state. Ole Miss lost the Egg Bowl and Coach O. lost his job. Jeff Bowers is leaving USM, too. Trent Lott is throwing in the towel, (so he can qualify as a Washington lobbyist in less than 2 years?). And the gopher frog wants developers to get out of their habitat and let them propagate. Wondering why the poorest state is also the most obese? Read this.

Back in my hometown, these four pastors brought their congregations together for a [real] community Thanksgiving service.

From left to right: Lynn Fair (Plantersville Methodist), Danny Balint (FBC Plantersville), Celester Davis (New Zion Baptist) and Glen Parks (New Chapel Methodist). Thanks to Karen Balint for the picture and info via George's blog.
Closer to home, it's ideal cocooning weather - cool and rainy. The Santa bug hasn't bitten me, yet. Sug-gestions are needed from those of you whose feelings will be hurt if there is nothing under my tree for you. Otherwise, you can expect another sweater. You can always please me with a new sweater, too. Royal blue, purple, or red, those are the colors I need. Let's keep it simple!

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