Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gus did not get to go home yesterday, but had surgery last night instead. He'd had no BM, so Doc Adams went in and found a tummy full of styrofoam. Now why Gus would eat styrofoam is anybody's guess. My suspicious mind went straight to the man with whom Mike had the altercation last week. If he soaked styrofoam with chicken gravy, Gus would have wolfed it down, otherwise, I can't imagine he would be interested. I guess it could have been a styrofoam take-home box with scraps that he found somewhere. We'll never know, I'm sure. I'm just glad he's okay now. He was still groggy from surgery this morning, but vital signs were good and he's expected to make a full recovery.

I'm still enjoying my vacation. I'm sleeping incredibly well with no snuggling dogs and no snoring husband. Cooper comes into the room every morning to get his clothes and I never hear anything. Both boys have already left for school by the time I get up, so it's been a very relaxing place for R&R. I'm in the living room with Ricky, who is working from home, and we have the light classical Music Choice Station playing on TV. The dogs are napping and Mary Ann has gone to the doctor's office. The weather has been as close to perfect as possible, sunny days with daytime temps in high 70's, lows in the 50's. I went to the nail salon yesterday and got the best massage ever with my pedicure and manicure. There is a Jacuzzi tub here that I've enjoyed. I can't remember a more enjoyable vacation - slow-paced, peaceful, quiet, lots of downtime with enough grandchildren fun, but not too much. The food has been extraordinarily good, too, Ricky grilled some super steaks, and we've had plenty of chocolate from the trick-or-treating boys' goody bags.

Mike just called to say the styrofoam was the small pellets like is found in Beanie Babies or beanbags. I told him to check the top of the buffet to see if the little blue penguin Beanie Baby is still up there. It's not, he said.... hmmmmmm........

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