Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sophie, the calico cat, woke me up this morning with her plaintive cry after Cooper shut the door in his bedroom leaving her trapped inside. He comes in so quietly to get his clothes while I'm sleeping, I never hear him. He was already gone to school when I got up, but Clay's school starts an hour later, so he was still here. This early morning rush to get the boys to the school bus is not nearly as chaotic as I remember with Ricky and Benji, but when the parents are working from home, that relieves a lot of the pressure. The pace around here is pretty laid back in general, so it's no wonder I'm enjoying it like I am. (Ricky made the cat picture.)

We went out to eat last night at Stonewood Grill and Tavern to celebrate Ricky's birthday, which is tomorrow. Once again, Ricky and I duplicated each other's choice of menu items - herb crusted grouper. At lunch yesterday, I heated a bowl of soup and offered him some. He'd just finished eating the very same soup, out of a choice of about 10 different soups in the pantry. I like it when our trains are running on the same track, as long as they're headed in the same direction.

I'm enjoying reading the book Jean loaned me before I left, Dying for Chocolate, written by her Colorado friend Diane Mott Davidson. I've never read a novel that included recipes, but this one does, and some fine-sounding dishes they are. I may try a couple of them before I leave. I really like the spacious kitchen here, and would enjoy cooking if I got inspired. So far, though, I haven't. Maybe if I read some more of this book I will be.

Mike says Gus greeted the vet's assistant with a wagging tail this morning, so he's feeling better, obviously. I need to take a fruit basket to the clinic when I get home, but I may not feel so generous after we pay the bill. I'm just glad he's recovering.

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mornin' said...

Cathy, you sound so relaxed in your posts. Sounds like this trip is giving you the rejuvenation you so badly needed. Good for you.

Love to the Tampa family.