Monday, September 17, 2007

When inspiration hits me to paint, I try not to waste it, so it is with immense satisfaction that I have spent several hours of the last two days, paint brush in hand and paint on several different surfaces including hands, hair, and clothes. I'm very messy when I'm having fun. Nothing I would call a masterpiece, yet, but whimsy and novelty abound. The other side of this coin is zero interest in the computer, blogging, etc. Our weather is so perfectly gorgeous that it would be a personal affront to Mother Nature herself not to be in it and enjoying every minute of it. My back porch is very comfortable except from 2 - 4:30 pm, but that's naptime here, so it's just as well.
The water in our swimming pool was much too cold after a couple of nights that dipped into the 50's. We'll have to join the Y again to use their heated pool or do something else. None of us want to quit the regular exercise we've been doing, and since water aerobics seem to be "the best kept secret of physical fitness," I vote for that. Pam and Jean haven't decided, yet, but are leaning toward the Y.
This morning I gave Jean the old hymnal that was given to me when new hymnals were purchased for our choir. She seemed really appreciative, saying many times she wished she had one so she could reread the words to some of the hymns we sing. I've found it to be a wonderful meditation and prayer tool. I hope she enjoys it.

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